Two St. Johnsbury residents arrested for violating release conditions, possession of cocaine

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ST. JOHNSBURY — Two residents were arrested Monday evening for violating conditions of release and possession of cocaine.

At approximately 6:34 p.m. on Feb. 5, Corporal George Johnson was patrolling south on Bay Street when he observed Sabrina Monfette, 28, and Donald Hitman, 40, walking towards the woods near 311 Bay Street.

Recognizing both individuals from previous police interactions, Johnson was aware of existing court orders prohibiting contact between the two.

Upon verification with dispatch, it was confirmed that Hitman had active conditions of release prohibiting him from contacting Monfette and requiring him to maintain a distance of at least three hundred feet from her.

Similarly, Monfette was under orders to avoid contact with Hitman.

Both Hitman and Monfette were subsequently arrested.

During a search incident to arrest, a substance found in Hitman’s pocket tested positive for cocaine.

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