Lyndonville police investigate thefts, urge residents to lock vehicles

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LYNDONVILLE — Several thefts, including the stealing of firearms from unlocked vehicles, have prompted an investigation by the Lyndonville Police Department.

Incidents in the Skyline Dr. area have been partly captured on video surveillance, leading to the discovery of the unsecured vehicles being targeted.

As the investigation continues, Lyndonville Police are urging residents to secure their vehicles, particularly when valuables or firearms are inside.

Chief Jack T. Harris emphasized the importance of proper firearm storage and not leaving them in vehicles that are not properly secured.

The police department is reaching out to the community for assistance.

Residents in the Skyline Dr. area with camera systems, including ring cameras, are encouraged to contact the police at 802-626-1271 to help with the investigation.

Chief Harris reiterated the importance of securing vehicles both at night and when unattended to prevent thefts.

The Lyndonville Police Department remains dedicated to resolving these incidents and ensuring the safety and security of the community’s property.

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