Springfield teen with GPS bracelet arrested with machine gun, ammo

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SPRINGFIELD — Springfield Police Firearms Investigation Unit (FIU) detectives apprehended a 17-year-old male wearing a GPS ankle bracelet and in possession of a loaded machine gun and a 50-round drum magazine on Friday at around 6:50 p.m.

Under the supervision of Sgt. David Robillard, the FIU received a tip regarding the juvenile’s illegal firearm possession.

The suspect was subsequently located in a vehicle near the intersection of Montpelier & Niagara Streets.

A traffic stop resulted in the discovery of the firearm inside the car, leading to the arrest of the juvenile.

The other two occupants of the vehicle were released without charges.

The seized firearm was equipped with a sear-selector switch, commonly known as a Glock switch, which converts it into a fully automatic weapon.

It was found loaded with 32 rounds of ammunition, and the accompanying 50-round drum magazine contained an additional 17 rounds.

Authorities have not disclosed the juvenile’s identity, photo, or specific charges due to legal protections for minors.

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