Everett police make significant drug busts, seize fentanyl and cocaine

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EVERETT — Over the weekend, the Everett Police Department made strides in combating the drug trade within the Greater Boston area, arresting two individuals in separate cases on drug-related charges.

In the first case, an undercover operation led to the arrest of a suspect after an officer successfully purchased fentanyl.

The encounter allowed authorities to confiscate additional amounts of alleged fentanyl and “crack” cocaine.

The individual now faces charges for the distribution of Class A fentanyl, possession of Class B cocaine, and two outstanding warrants.

Further efforts by the Special Criminal Investigations Unit resulted in a second major bust.

Investigators executed a search warrant at a residence in the Metro North Area, where they discovered over 50 grams of alleged cocaine and seized more than $42,000 in cash.

The target of this operation was charged with trafficking in cocaine.

The Everett Police Department continues to urge the public to report any illegal drug activity by calling 617-389-DRUG (3784) and leaving a message.

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