Manchester Market Basket employees thwart robbery, detain suspect

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MANCHESTER — Police responded to a robbery at the Market Basket on Elm Street on Jan. 31, where quick-acting employees detained a suspect accused of stealing a woman’s wallet.

Upon arrival at the grocery store, officers found the suspect, Robert Desmond, 42, restrained by several employees in one of the store’s aisles.

The incident began when Desmond allegedly snatched the wallet from a woman’s purse as she shopped.

The victim, along with another shopper, attempted to prevent his escape, but Desmond managed to break free.

He was soon apprehended by Market Basket employees who restrained him until authorities arrived.

During the altercation, Desmond bit one of the employees’ hands, resulting in minor injuries.

Police took Desmond, who has no known address, into custody.

He faces charges of robbery, simple assault, and possession of a controlled drug.

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