Highgate family escapes early morning fire, no injuries reported

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HIGHGATE — Following a fire that erupted in the early hours of Feb. 2, the Vermont Department of Public Safety Fire and Explosion Investigation Unit joined forces with the Highgate Fire Department to probe the cause of a blaze at a St. Armand Road residence.

The fire, which originated around a woodstove in the attached garage of Harley and Elizabeth Demag’s single-family home, has been classified as accidental.

Thanks to functioning photoelectric smoke alarms, the Demag family was alerted to the danger and all members were able to exit the home safely.

Upon the fire department’s arrival, the flames were quickly contained, primarily affecting the garage area and sparing the rest of the home from significant damage.

There were no human casualties, and the family’s three cats were also rescued unharmed.

Officials take this incident as an opportunity to stress the importance of having operational smoke and CO alarms, which play a critical role in safeguarding lives during such emergencies.

The Department of Public Safety encourages the public to visit the Vermont Division of Fire Safety’s website for further information on alarm systems and fire safety tips, particularly regarding wood stoves and other heating devices.

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