Driver cited after rollover crash in South Yarmouth

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SOUTH YARMOUTH — Police and fire crews responded to a three-car collision with a rollover at the intersection of Route 28 and Forest Road on Feb. 2, leading to road closures and two individuals being transported to the hospital.

The incident occurred shortly before 11:15 a.m., when one of the vehicles involved failed to stop at a red light, causing it to overturn.

The driver responsible for the crash was cited for the red-light violation, which Yarmouth Police indicate is part of their rigorous enforcement to improve road safety.

Two drivers were taken by Yarmouth Fire to Cape Cod Hospital, where they received medical attention.

Their conditions have not been disclosed at this time.

Officials reopened the affected roadway after about an hour, and the scene was cleared.

The Yarmouth Police Department used the opportunity to remind the public of the importance of obeying traffic signals and regulations.

They also praised the efficient response of the emergency teams in managing the scene and ensuring the safety of those involved.

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