Local schools shine at Jay Peak snowboarding competition

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NEWPORT –– In a thrilling display of skill, North Country Union High School and Lake Region showcased their talents in the recent snowboarding competition at Jay Peak. The event featured both a dual giant slalom and rail jam, where local students pushed their limits and achieved remarkable results.

North Country Union High School made an impressive showing. In the girls’ categories, they secured a first-place finish in the Rail Jam and a commendable second in the Giant Slalom (GS). The boys’ team also performed admirably, securing second place in GS and third in the Rail Jam. Standout performers included Elliott Goff, who clinched 3rd place in the Boys GS, and Willow Clements, who dominated the Girls Rail Jam with a first-place finish.

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The results for North Country Union were as follows:

Boys GS: 2nd Place with Elliott Goff (3rd) and Quinn Goff (5th)
Girls GS: 2nd Place with Willow Clements (5th) and Dakotah Bowen (8th)
Boys Rail Jam: 3rd Place with Quinn Goff (4th) and Logan Ellis (6th)
Girls Rail Jam: 1st Place with Willow Clements (1st), Dakotah Bowen (5th), and Ellah Dillion (8th)

Lake Region’s performance was equally commendable. The boys’ team took home 3rd place in the giant slalom. Notable achievements included Tristan Blay’s 6th place finish in GS and Chase Stenger’s 10th place in the Rail Jam, both personal bests. The girls from Lake Region showed strong performances, with all team members finishing in the top 25 in GS. A special mention goes to independent rider Liza Roth, who trains with Lake Region and achieved an impressive 2nd place in the girls GS.

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Key highlights for Lake Region included:

Boys GS: 3rd Overall with top finishers including Tristan Blay (6th), Chase Stenger (8th), Kyle Labounty (11th), and Noah Zebrowski (13th)
Girls GS: Top 25 finishes with Bella Hanover (18th), Nell Urie (19th), and Maeda Urie (23rd)
Rail Jam: Chase Stenger finishing 10th overall

The competition at Jay Peak was not just a showcase of snowboarding talent but also a testament to the hard work and dedication of these young athletes. Both North Country Union High School and Lake Region have much to be proud of, as their students continue to excel and represent their schools with distinction in regional snowboarding competitions.

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