Lawrence police arrest man for tagging local businesses

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LAWRENCE — In a continued effort to address quality of life issues in the city, Lawrence police apprehended a man last night on charges of property defacement and possession of an active arrest warrant.

Officers Channo Ann and Miguel Pena of the Lawrence Patrol Division’s overnight shift were dispatched to the Essex Street area after reports of a suspicious individual surfaced.

The officers encountered a male who matched the provided description and, upon further inquiry, discovered he had an outstanding warrant for disturbing the peace.

Further investigation revealed fresh paint on the suspect’s fingertips and a strong paint odor on his person.

A search of the individual’s belongings yielded a spray paint can and markers.

Sergeant Charles Saindon, while canvassing the vicinity, observed multiple storefronts on the 200/300 block of Essex Street, which is in District D, marked with newly sprayed graffiti.

Thanks to the collective efforts of Officers Ann, Pena, and Sergeant Saindon, 30-year-old Michael Rae of Lawrence was charged with Defacing Property (Tagging) and Wanton and Malicious Defacing of Property.

Rae was subsequently arraigned in Lawrence District Court.

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