Holden police respond to multiple accidents amid snowstorm

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HOLDEN — A series of vehicle accidents overwhelmed the Holden Police Department yesterday, with officers responding to 13 motor vehicle accidents between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m.

The treacherous road conditions caused by a snowstorm also led to numerous calls for vehicles that had slid off the road, requiring assistance from Walter Cranstons and Son Towing.

The accidents included five instances of utility poles being struck and a major collision involving 10 vehicles, resulting in several minor injuries.

Multiple vehicles had to be towed from the accident scenes.

In addition to responding to accidents, the Holden Department of Public Works occasionally needed police assistance when vehicles parked in the roadway hindered snow removal operations.

Authorities are reminding residents to exercise extreme caution and to reduce speed when traveling during snow and freezing rain.

The series of incidents underscores the dangers of navigating roads under such hazardous weather conditions.

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