Charlton police use drone to locate man with active arrest warrant

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CHARLTON — Multiple calls about a suspicious person near Oak Ridge Dr. led Charlton Police Department officers to deploy a drone and subsequently arrest a man with an active warrant Saturday night.

According to the department, the dispatch center received several reports during the evening of Jan. 27 regarding an unknown male who was seen walking near parked vehicles and making incoherent statements when approached by residents.

Officers who arrived on the scene were initially unable to find anyone on foot in the area.

However, Officer Tretheway, the department’s trained drone pilot, was on duty and set up the drone for an aerial search.

Using the drone’s thermal heat camera, Tretheway spotted a male walking in the roadway.

With guidance from the drone pilot, patrol officers were directed to the individual who matched the description provided by callers.

The man was identified as Jesus Santiago, and a check by dispatch confirmed that Santiago had an outstanding arrest warrant.

He was promptly taken into custody.

The Charlton Police Department commended all officers involved for their effective teamwork and utilization of technology in apprehending the suspect.

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