Suspect in hadley Lego theft evades police after high-speed maneuver

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HADLEY — A theft at a local Target store turned into a high-speed situation on Jan. 27 when a man was seen leaving the retail establishment with a shopping cart full of un-bagged Lego sets, valued at over $700, which still had security wraps on them.

According to Hadley Public Safety Dispatch, at around 2:30 p.m., passers-by reported the incident and continued to provide updates on the suspect’s location, observing him enter a black Jeep.

Sgt. Phillips and Officer Rossi responded to the call and located the vehicle heading south on South Maple Street.

The suspect vehicle started to overtake other cars and accelerate dangerously upon noticing the police cruisers.

Given the perilous driving behavior, officers decided against pursuing the suspect to avoid further risk to public safety.

Thanks to the alert witnesses, law enforcement obtained clear photographs of the perpetrator, leading to a swift identification.

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