Littleton police seek help identifying individuals in photos

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LITTLETON — The Littleton Police Department has requested public assistance in identifying one or more individuals captured in recently released photos.

Authorities have urged the public to examine the photos closely and contact them if they recognize the subjects.

However, they emphasized that information should not be shared in public forums such as social media comment sections.

Instead, they advised that anyone with information send a private message or call the Littleton Police Department directly at 603-444-7711 ext. 2 during business hours.

The department clarified that the images are being circulated purely for informational purposes and that the appearance of these individuals in the photos does not imply they are involved in any criminal activity.

The request for identification is a standard procedure and does not presume guilt or innocence on the part of the subjects depicted.

The Littleton Police Department has not provided specific details about the context in which the photos were taken or how they relate to any ongoing investigations.

They have reiterated their commitment to protecting the community while respecting the legal presumption of innocence for all individuals.

The public is encouraged to aid the police in their effort to identify the subjects for further inquiry.

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