Dorchester man arrested with loaded gun, drugs

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DORCHESTER — A local man was arrested Wednesday morning after police found a loaded firearm, various drugs, and cash on his person and in his residence during a search warrant execution.

Christopher Boyer, 22, was taken into custody on January 24 around 8 a.m. by the Area C-6 Drug Control Unit, with assistance from units B-2 and E-13.

Boyer was stopped as he departed from his home and informed of two search warrants issued against him.

Upon searching Boyer, officers discovered a Smith and Wesson 45 Caliber handgun with one round in the chamber and six rounds in the magazine.

Additionally, they found 14 bags with a total of 10 grams of crack cocaine hidden within a counterfeit Armor All container. $60 in cash and keys to Boyer’s apartment were also seized.

Inside Boyer’s residence, officers found 127 grams of cocaine, 72 Adderall pills, 9 Clonazepam pills, 15 Fentanyl pills, $3,589 in cash, drug packaging materials, and 22 live rounds of ammunition.

Boyer faces charges including trafficking and possession with intent to distribute Class B cocaine, possession with intent to distribute Class C Clonazepam and Class A Fentanyl, unlawful possession of a loaded firearm, and unlawful possession of ammunition.

He is expected to be arraigned at Dorchester District Court.

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