Merrimack County Sheriff’s Office warns of phone scam using deputies’ names

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CONCORD — The Merrimack County Sheriff’s Office issued a warning Tuesday about a widespread phone scam involving fraudsters impersonating law enforcement officers to extort money from residents.

Authorities reported that scammers are calling individuals, claiming to be deputies or other law enforcement officers, and demanding payment to avoid arrest.

The fraudulent calls may appear legitimate, as the scammers use spoofing techniques to make it seem as if the call is coming from the Sheriff’s Office’s actual number on caller ID.

The Sheriff’s Office emphasized that deputies would never call to solicit funds or threaten arrest for non-payment.

Victims of such calls are advised to hang up immediately and contact the Sheriff’s Office directly at (603) 796-6600 to confirm whether a deputy has attempted to reach them.

Officials also urge the public to independently verify phone numbers by consulting official websites before returning calls to law enforcement or other agencies.

Personal information, such as social security and banking details, should not be shared over the phone.

The Sheriff’s Office additionally cautioned residents about payment requests via gift cards or cryptocurrency, noting that these are common indicators of fraudulent activity and would not be part of any legitimate law enforcement procedure.

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