Craftsbury’s Rebel Grown sets standard in regenerative cannabis farming

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CRAFTSBURY –– Rebel Grown, a Craftsbury-based cannabis farm, has become the first on the East Coast to receive Sun+Earth Certified status, a leading certification for regenerative organic cannabis. Located in Craftsbury, the half-acre farm is part of a 200-acre permaculture sanctuary. Since 2018, Rebel Grown has produced hemp and, following a 2022 license, cannabis for adult use.

The farm employs regenerative organic practices like cover cropping with rye grass and clover, utilizing organic alfalfa mulch, and enriching soil with manure from various farm animals. Compost generation and soil inoculation with microbes and enzymes are also integral to their methods. Notably, Rebel Grown incorporates maple syrup from its trees in compost teas.

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Sun+Earth, established in 2019, has certified over 60 cannabis farms in five states. Its certification mandates sungrown cannabis cultivation without chemical fertilizers or toxic pesticides, surpassing USDA Organic standards. Practices include planting alongside food crops, using cover crops, composting, and minimizing soil tillage to sequester atmospheric carbon.

Rebel Grown, originally from Southern Humboldt’s Palo Verde Appellation, is recognized for its award-winning cannabis genetics.

Owner Dan Pomerantz, known for sharing his cultivation expertise, has received numerous awards, including The Emerald Cup’s Breeders Cup in 2018, 2022, and 2023.

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Vermont legalized medical cannabis in 2004 and adult-use cannabis in 2018.

Rebel Grown, now approved by the state’s Cannabis Control Board, offers its products in over 20 Vermont dispensaries. The Cannabis Retailers Association of Vermont commended Rebel Grown’s commitment to providing healthy, environmentally friendly products.

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