Colchester dog rescued from thin ice, owners safe

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COLCHESTER — A domestic dog trapped on thin ice in Mallets Bay prompted a 911 call on Jan. 18, leading to a swift rescue operation by local emergency services.

Colchester Police, together with Colchester Fire, Technical Rescue and Rescue units, responded to the scene after the dog’s owners fell through the ice while trying to save their pet.

By the time the emergency crews arrived, the owners had managed to get out of the water unharmed.

Rescue personnel, donned in ice rescue suits, successfully retrieved the dog from the precarious ice, ensuring the safety of the animal.

No injuries were reported among the dog owners, the dog, or the rescue team members.

Authorities have issued a warning about the dangers of thin ice on Mallets Bay and Niquette Bay, emphasizing that the fluctuating temperatures this winter have led to unstable and treacherous conditions.

The public is urged to exercise extreme caution on any icy body of water.

Officials recommend that individuals planning to go onto the ice bring ice picks and a flotation device in case of an emergency.

Additionally, it is advised to inform someone about the excursion and the expected return time to enhance safety.

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