Derby Line man escapes attempted murder charge after shooting up apartment

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NEWPORT — Alfred Charest, 40, from Derby Line, received a two-year prison sentence following a plea deal. Initially charged with attempted murder and aggravated assault, Charest pled guilty to reckless endangerment and attempted aggravated assault.

The incident occurred back in January of 2022, when gunfire was reported on Caswell Avenue. Law enforcement found bullet holes in an apartment window and nearby building. Police say Charest, apprehended with bullets and casings, had fired from his apartment.

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Authorities evacuated residents of the apartment to safety and located a .22 caliber handgun and shell casings. No casualties were reported.

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Investigations uncovered Charest’s unwanted advances towards a neighbor had put him on their radar prior to the shooting. He allegedly sent notes expressing romantic interest and was previously warned by police to stop.

Another neighbor was confronted by Charest during the shooting. The man ran away and reported Charest fired several more times afterward. Police say in total, about 12 bullet holes were found within the apartment building.

A search in Charest’s apartment revealed various ammunition and bullet holes. The sentencing by Judge Justin Jiron aligns with the plea agreement.

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