North Country Career Center students push forward with remodel despite weather

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Photo by Rick Ufford-Chase.

NEWPORT — Despite challenging weather conditions, including persistent rain and heavy snowfall, students enrolled in the Building Trades program at North Country Career Center have diligently continued their remodeling efforts on the property on East Main Street.

The vocational students received extensive training early in the winter on how to handle hazardous materials, specifically lead and asbestos, to prepare for the renovation project.

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Although some work is pending on the exterior, such as the roof, the primary focus has been on the internal structure, where students have been actively engaged in tearing down interior walls and removing old plaster.

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In addition to the hands-on contributions from the students, NCDD volunteer Dave Kerr has been instrumental in laying the groundwork for the future of the site. Kerr is in the process of developing a comprehensive site plan that addresses the State of Vermont’s permitting requirements.

His plan will guide the completion of the house remodel and determine the fate of the existing barn and garage on the premises. Progress has been consistent, with each phase of the project providing valuable hands-on experience for the students, reinforcing their classroom learning with practical application in a real-world setting.

Further updates on the project are expected as it advances.

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