Tractor trailer hauling propane loses wheel, sparks concern on Route 20

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RUSSELL — A tractor trailer carrying liquid propane lost a wheel and was seen sparking on Route 20 yesterday, leading to police intervention and traffic delays.

The Russell Montgomery Police Department received a 911 call in the morning about the compromised vehicle traveling from Huntington toward the center of town, leaning heavily and emitting sparks.

Officers promptly responded, locating the tractor trailer and performing a successful motor vehicle stop.

Upon inspection, it was discovered that the trailer had indeed lost a wheel, a situation the driver reportedly was unaware of.

The potentially hazardous situation, given the vehicle’s propane cargo, prompted further action.

Massachusetts State Police Truck Team was summoned to the scene to provide assistance.

The local authorities also extended gratitude to the Huntington Police Chief for his support during the incident.

The vehicle was safely towed away from the scene, and the driver was cited for the vehicular violations.

No injuries were reported, and the incident was resolved without further complications.

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