State police air wing locates fleeing narcotics suspects in Braintree

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BRAINTREE — Massachusetts State Police Air Wing played a crucial role in apprehending two narcotics suspects yesterday after a vehicle chase led to a crash and a foot pursuit at the Route 3/Route 93 split.

At approximately 4:35 p.m., Troop H patrols and the MSP Air Wing were called to assist Quincy Police with searching for the suspects who had abandoned their car and fled on foot into the woods, following a failed attempt to stop for officers.

Massachusetts State Police Air 3, crewed by Trooper Timothy Hunt, the pilot, and Trooper Mason Oliveira, the tactical flight officer, quickly responded to the scene.

By 5:55 p.m., the helicopter crew spotted the suspects trying to evade capture by lying prone on a granite outcrop.

Trooper Oliveira expertly directed ground units to the precise location of the suspects, leading to their successful capture by Quincy Police officers.

The MSP Air Wing, which operates from air bases in Plymouth, Lawrence, and Chicopee, is equipped with helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft.

It serves as a vital asset to State Police and local law enforcement agencies for a variety of operations, including search and apprehension efforts and patrols.

Additionally, the unit provides support to other state and local agencies, such as fire departments dealing with wildfires, and coordinates with police departments across New England when necessary.

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