Manchester man faces new charge after arrest earlier this week

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MANCHESTER — A 31-year-old Manchester man, Jefferson Kimball, who was arrested earlier this week, has been slapped with an additional charge while detained at the Valley Street Jail.

Kimball, previously apprehended on outstanding warrants, has been charged in absentia with Criminal Mischief.

Authorities allege that he was responsible for defacing the John Stark statue at City Hall with graffiti.

The charge also includes damage to doors and an outdoor ashtray at the same location.

The new charge comes on the heels of a series of offenses earlier in the week.

On Monday, Kimball was charged with Theft by Unauthorized Taking related to a shoplifting incident at a local Walgreens.

Additionally, he faced another Criminal Mischief charge for an attempted theft at the Siagon Asian Market.

Compounding his legal troubles, Kimball also received a charge for Violation of Bail connected to charges out of the Manchester District Court.

Last year, Kimball was released on bail eight times, with the most recent occasion in early December, following a felony theft charge.

This charge, which is being handled by the Hillsborough Superior Court- North, involves the alleged theft of a gun from a motor vehicle.

As Kimball confronts the new charge, he remains in custody awaiting further legal proceedings.

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