Elderly warned of ‘Grandchild in Jail’ scam surge in Massachusetts

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HANOVER — In response to a significant increase in “Grandchild in Jail” scams, authorities are urging Massachusetts residents to educate their elderly relatives and friends about this nefarious scheme.

Elders in the community are being targeted by fraudsters who pose as their grandchildren or legal representatives, such as attorneys or court officials.

These scammers contact the elderly, claiming that their grandchild has been incarcerated and requires cash for bail.

To add a layer of urgency and secrecy, they often assert that a “gag order” is in place, preventing any discussion about the situation.

The scam typically involves the caller instructing the grandparent to provide cash, which is then supposedly collected by a “courier” working for a bail bondsman.

In some instances, the scammers may even make a second call to request additional funds, alleging that the grandchild’s charges have been escalated.

By the time the victim becomes suspicious, the money is usually irrecoverable.

The Hanover Police Department (HPD) encourages having open conversations with potentially vulnerable family members to prevent this scam from causing further harm.

They also remind the community to report any dubious activities or concerns to HPD.

The Hanover MA Council on Aging is also available for assistance and is actively disseminating this information to its followers.

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