Massachusetts authorities locate missing elderly woman in Burlington

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BURLINGTON — The Massachusetts State Police Air Wing proved its critical role in public safety once again last night, as its crew successfully located a missing elderly woman suffering from dementia.

On Thursday evening, the Air Wing’s helicopter, Air 5, received a Be On the LookOut (BOLO) alert from State Police Troop A Headquarters regarding the woman who had gone missing in Burlington.

She was believed to be driving a red Toyota.

The crew, consisting of Sergeant Kristopher Malm, Troopers Kenneth Dinjian, and Brendan Crowther, initiated a search and swiftly located a vehicle matching the description.

It was stopped in the breakdown lane of Route 3 southbound in Burlington.

Utilizing the helicopter’s advanced equipment, including the FLIR (Forward Looking InfraRed) and color cameras, they were able to confirm that the vehicle was indeed the red Toyota in question.

State Police-Concord Barracks patrols and Burlington Fire and EMS were directed to the location by the Air 5 crew.

A State Police Trooper who responded to the scene confirmed the presence of the missing woman in the stopped vehicle.

She was subsequently transported to a nearby hospital for medical attention.

The Massachusetts State Police Air Wing, with its helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft stationed in Lawrence, Plymouth, and the Westover airfield in Chicopee, continues to be a vital asset for the state.

It supports patrol, search and rescue, investigative, overwatch, and wildfire suppression missions, aiding MSP units, local police and fire departments, and other agencies.

The quick and efficient response to this incident underscores the importance and effectiveness of the Air Wing in safeguarding the community.

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