Freetown man sentenced for multiple break-ins, thefts

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FALL RIVER — A Freetown man known for a string of robberies has been sentenced to two years in the Bristol County House of Correction, according to the Bristol County District Attorney’s Office.

Brandon DeMoranville, 37, entered guilty pleas for charges related to five incidents spanning from October last year through September this year.

His criminal record now includes two counts of possession of burglarious instruments, two counts of breaking and entering into a vehicle or boat during the nighttime, vandalism, malicious damage to a motor vehicle, trespassing, larceny under $1,200, breaking and entering during the daytime, and larceny from a building.

DeMoranville’s latest crime spree commenced on Oct. 20, when Freetown Police were alerted by a neighbor about a suspicious man entering an unoccupied home.

Upon arrival, officers discovered DeMoranville inside the residence, claiming he was “just looking around.”

Following that incident, on Nov. 29, he was apprehended after threatening an individual who refused to buy tools from him.

Then, on Jan. 6, he was recorded on video slicing open a pickup truck cover and attempting to break into the vehicle.

His efforts to enter the truck were unsuccessful.

On April 5, DeMoranville targeted the Delta Railroad Company, where he used a prybar to break into a tool/storage compartment on a truck, damaging the doors beyond repair.

His most recent offense occurred on Sept. 18 when he trespassed into a residential yard, tried to break into a locked vehicle, and then stole a chainsaw from a nearby shed.

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