Clinton police arrest two in Walgreens shoplifting case

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CLINTON — Two men from New York City were arrested last Thursday after allegedly shoplifting allergy medications from a Walgreens Pharmacy in Clinton, according to local authorities.

Officers Kristopher Vazquez, Alexander Ruel, and OIC Adam Prentiss responded to the scene at the Main Street pharmacy after a report of the theft.

The suspects, identified as Kyle C. Morgan and Jeremiah J. Whack, fled the store but were apprehended by police following a brief search of the area.

Recovered at the scene were the stolen items from Walgreens and a significant quantity of other over-the-counter cold and allergy medications.

The arrests have led to a broader investigation linking Morgan and Whack to a series of retail thefts in the town and potentially across Central Massachusetts and beyond.

Further intelligence sharing between the Clinton Police Department and other law enforcement agencies has enabled the identification of the duo in connection with numerous thefts in various businesses.

Clinton Chief of Police Brian W. Coyne praised the officers for their swift action and detailed investigation, which has had a significant impact on retail theft in the region.

Coyne also commended the Walgreens staff for their assistance in the case, adding that their efforts contributed to the successful resolution of the incident.

Additional charges against Morgan and Whack in other communities are pending as the investigation continues.

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