Newport man charged with home improvement fraud

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ALBANY — Luke Perry Jr., 35, of Newport, faces felony charges for home improvement fraud following an investigation by the Orleans County Sheriff’s Department. The incident, which occurred in Albany, was first reported on June 9, 2023.

Deputy Kulakowski, while on duty, received a complaint regarding Perry’s failure to fulfill a contract agreement.

After an in-depth investigation, the department says it was determined that Perry had entered into a contract with the victim, accepted payment, but did not complete the services as agreed.

Perry has been issued a citation to appear in the Vermont Superior Court, Orleans Criminal Division, on February 27, to respond to the charge of Home Improvement Fraud.

As incidents of home improvement fraud continue to rise, homeowners are urged to take proactive measures to protect themselves from falling victim.

To safeguard your investment, always research contractors thoroughly, obtain multiple quotes, check references, and insist on a written contract with clear payment terms and milestones.

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