Fairhaven police seek help to nab suspect in vehicle break-ins

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FAIRHAVEN — Multiple break-ins and attempted burglaries targeting vehicles in the area of Fort Phoenix and central Fairhaven have prompted local police to request community assistance.

Fairhaven Police Department officials have reported an uptick in incidents involving unlocked vehicles being entered and rummaged through by an unidentified male suspect.

Officers and detectives are intensifying efforts to apprehend the individual responsible for these property crimes.

The police are reaching out to residents and businesses for any information that may lead to the identification and capture of the suspect.

They have urged anyone with relevant information to contact Fairhaven Police Detectives at 508-997-7421 and press 5 to provide details that could assist in the investigation.

Furthermore, authorities are interested in reviewing video footage from surveillance cameras that may have captured suspicious activity.

The Fairhaven Police Department has expressed gratitude to the community for its ongoing support and cooperation in these efforts to ensure public safety.

Residents are also reminded to secure their vehicles by locking doors and not leaving valuables in plain sight, as these simple precautions can significantly deter potential thieves.

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