Belmont police seek public’s help in identifying woman in altercation

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BELMONT — Belmont police are asking for the public’s assistance in identifying a woman involved in an incident currently under investigation.

In a statement released Monday, authorities provided a surveillance image of the woman, who appears to be confronting a man in what looks to be a local restaurant or bar setting.

Police have described the woman as a “subject of an ongoing investigation.”

The call for identification stems from an altercation where the victim claims the woman became aggressive over his apparel, a conservative political T-shirt.

The man alleges that the woman “actually tried to strangle me” during the encounter.

According to the victim’s account, it was only the intervention of two bystanders, described as good Samaritans, who pulled the woman away, potentially preventing further harm.

Belmont police have not disclosed additional information regarding the specifics of the incident but are urging anyone who can identify the woman or has knowledge of the event to come forward.

The public can contact the Belmont Police Department with any relevant details that might aid in the investigation.

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