Concord fire teams rescue six from flooded homeless camp

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CONCORD — Concord fire and rescue teams saved six homeless individuals Thursday after the Merrimack River’s rising waters flooded Healy Park, trapping campers in their tents.

Around 11:15 a.m., the Capital Area Fire Dispatch received calls about homeless individuals unable to escape the inundated park.

Firefighters initially attempted to reach the area via Basin Street but found the path impassable.

The firefighters’ first strategy was to locate the campers before deploying boats.

Potential plans included wading or using an inflatable raft to reach the stranded individuals.

Subsequently, boats were launched as tents were seen scattered throughout the park, with the exact location of the campers unknown.

Firefighters managed to contact the original caller for help, but the call went unanswered.

They were on dry land but encircled by water, preventing them from walking out.

The rescue team decided to navigate one of the boats upriver, planning to approach the isolated campers from between the submerged parkland and Interstate 93 north.

The campers were instructed to signal the rescuers by yelling.

After a comprehensive search, six campers were eventually located and brought to safety, transported back to the Basin Street area by boat.

The operation concluded around 4 p.m., nearly five hours after the initial distress calls.

Two of the rescued individuals were taken to Concord Hospital for treatment of hypothermia and related conditions, while the other four were able to leave the scene unaided.

Concord’s rescue efforts were bolstered by mutual aid from several capital region fire departments, and local police provided additional support at the scene.

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