Concord man arrested after creating disturbance on North Main Street

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CONCORD — Concord police detained a man for disorderly conduct after he caused a commotion on North Main Street on Friday.

The incident began just before noon when the individual, donning a Santa hat, was observed pacing back and forth and loudly arguing into a cell phone in the vicinity of the Merrimack County Superior Court and the Crutchfield Building at 15 Pitman St.

The man claimed he was “railroaded” by a court case during his heated conversation.

Witnesses heard him exclaim, “I’m making a fool of myself in the middle of the street,” as he continued his erratic behavior.

He then proceeded to the TD Bank parking lot and onto Pitman Street before making his way to North Main Street.

There, he threw his cell phone into the bank parking lot, discarded a bag of personal items on the sidewalk, and started to remove his clothing.

The situation escalated when the man crossed to the east side of North Main Street and lay down in the northbound lane, disrupting traffic.

Lenny O’Keefe, a retired police officer and former training coordinator for the Merrimack County Jail, arrived on the scene with Liberty, the city’s comfort dog.

O’Keefe used the community services cruiser to shield the area and prevent further traffic issues.

The man subsequently approached the cruiser and crawled beneath it.

O’Keefe engaged with the man until police support arrived and apprehended him.

Following the arrest, the man was transported to Concord Hospital, where he declined medical treatment.

He was then taken to the county jail.

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