Berlin prisoner indicted for fatal pipe beating

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BERLIN — Authorities announced today that 57-year-old Robert Lavoie has been indicted by the Coos County Grand Jury for the murder of fellow inmate James Dale, 65.

The indictment charges Lavoie with one count of first-degree murder for allegedly causing the death of Dale by striking him with a metal pipe.

The incident that led to the charges took place within the prison facility.

Currently in custody, Lavoie is slated for arraignment on Jan. 3 at 10:45 a.m. in the Coos County Superior Court.

The indictment follows Lavoie’s previous conviction for first-degree murder in 1992, for a crime committed in 1991.

With a minimum release date set for 2091, the new charges could result in an additional life sentence for Lavoie if he is found guilty.

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