Manchester police investigate spike in vehicle break-ins, credit card theft

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MANCHESTER — A significant rise in vehicle break-ins has prompted an investigation by the Manchester Police Department, focusing on the unauthorized use of stolen credit cards linked to these crimes.

Over recent weeks, Manchester has seen an uptick in thefts from parked cars, with thieves targeting personal items and particularly credit cards.

The stolen cards are reportedly being used to buy large quantities of generic gift cards, raising alarms among law enforcement officials.

Authorities urge the public to be extra cautious, advising vehicle owners to ensure their cars are locked and to keep valuables out of sight.

Suspicious activities should be reported to the police immediately.

The police department also recommends that residents routinely check their bank statements for any unauthorized transactions and to report them as soon as they are noticed.

Local businesses and individuals with security cameras are asked to cooperate with the police by providing any footage that could lead to the identification of the culprits.

The investigation is actively underway.

The Manchester Police Department is calling on anyone with information about these thefts to come forward and contact them at 802-362-2121.

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