Authorities warn of heavy rain in Pittsfield, urge residents to clear catch basins

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PITTSFIELD — With forecasts predicting 2-4 inches of rain from this afternoon through early Tuesday morning, the Pittsfield Police Department is calling on residents to prepare for potential flooding by clearing debris from catch basins near their homes.

According to the police, taking action now to remove blockages, particularly in areas known for flooding, could be a significant help not just to individual households but also to the wider community.

This preventative measure can reduce the risk of water buildup and property damage.

The department also advises drivers to exercise caution on city streets that may become flooded.

Residents are encouraged to plan alternative routes in case roads are blocked or temporarily closed due to high water levels.

The Highway Department will be monitoring the situation closely, searching for any areas that might raise concerns during the expected downpour.

The police remind everyone to drive safely and be alert to changing road conditions.

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