Burlington area Bird bike-sharing to pause for winter

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BURLINGTON — As winter approaches, the cities of Burlington, South Burlington, and Winooski are prioritizing the safety of their citizens in response to the season’s challenging weather.

In collaboration with micromobility provider Bird and the Chittenden Area Transportation Management Associate (CATMA), they have announced a temporary cessation of Bird’s bike-sharing services.

Starting in mid-December, Bird will put its operations into a temporary hibernation mode in the greater Burlington area to avoid complications that may arise due to the harsh winter conditions.

This suspension is part of a strategic seasonal adjustment to ensure the well-being of users and the longevity of the service infrastructure.

The duration of this hibernation period is set to span the entirety of the winter season, with plans to resume the bike-sharing services in the spring, contingent on favorable weather.

Both CATMA and Bird, in partnership with the three cities, are committed to offering sustainable and efficient transportation alternatives.

They express gratitude for the public’s understanding and support during this winter break.

With an eye to the future, all parties involved are enthusiastic about the return of Bird’s bike-sharing services in the spring, intending to contribute further to the area’s vibrant and dynamic transport landscape.

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