Duxbury police recover packages from hacked Amazon account

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DUXBURY — A Florida man’s holiday season took a stressful turn when he discovered his Amazon account had been hacked, leading to over $500 in fraudulent purchases shipped to an address in Duxbury, police said Thursday.

The victim alerted Duxbury Police on Dec. 12 after noticing the unauthorized transactions.

Detectives promptly visited the Duxbury address where the packages were delivered and spoke with the homeowner.

According to authorities, the homeowner, unaware of the fraud, thought the packages were holiday gifts for a relative and had not opened them.

The detectives were able to retrieve the packages, which had been innocently received, and return them to the rightful owner.

The Duxbury Police Department emphasized that the home’s mailbox, situated at the end of a long driveway and not visible from the house, made it an attractive target for criminals.

This incident highlights a common tactic used by thieves: shipping items to locations where they can easily intercept the deliveries.

Fortunately, due to the victim’s swift action, the packages were not taken by the suspected criminals.

The Florida Sheriff’s Department has been notified to assist in the ongoing investigation.

Chief Michael Carbone urged the community to be vigilant, especially during the holiday season when such incidents spike.

He advised residents to monitor bank accounts frequently, track deliveries closely, and avoid leaving packages unattended for extended periods.

He also suggested that those who cannot be home to receive deliveries should arrange for neighbors or friends to secure their packages.

The Duxbury Police Department reminds everyone to stay alert and report any suspicious activity immediately.

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