Community rallies with truck parade for Carl Simino

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BARTON — About 100 trucks and other vehicles gathered on Route 5A Barton on Sunday in a heartfelt tribute to Carl Simino.

Simino, a beloved local figure and veteran timber harvester is facing terminal lung and liver cancer.

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Participants, showing their support and admiration, lined up before driving south onto Nault Road, where Simino’s home is located.

The procession of vehicles, horns blaring and passengers shouting words of affection, passed by the Simino family’s residence, where Simino, alongside his family, watched from their porch.

The parade provided a moment of joy as friends and community members demonstrated their appreciation for his contributions to the area over the years.

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The display of support not only filled the air with the sound of horns for over 20 minutes, but also with the warmth of a community coming together to honor one of their own in a time of need.

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