Holyoke multi-agency operation nets 121 arrests, illegal firearms

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HOLYOKE — A collaborative effort by multiple law enforcement agencies led to a significant crackdown on crime in Holyoke, with Operation Safe Streets 3 yielding 24 arrests and 10 criminal summons on Aug. 12.

The operation also resulted in 45 motor vehicle stops, 20 citations, 11 verbal warnings, 5 street stops, 22 property checks, and 28 outreach attempts.

Since its inception, Operation Safe Streets has led to 121 arrests, 65 criminal summons, the execution of 5 search warrants, and the recovery of 3 illegal firearms.

Additionally, there have been 520 traffic stops and 173 outreach attempts by the Holyoke Police Department and the CHD staff to provide crisis intervention, mental health, and substance abuse recovery services.

The Holyoke Police Department expressed gratitude to all officers and partner agencies involved in making Operation Safe Streets a success, and echoed the reminder that if you “see something, say something” to help in the fight against crime.

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