Lincoln police thwart roofing scam, remind residents of permit bylaw

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LINCOLN — A quick response from Lincoln police officers prevented a local resident from falling victim to a fraudulent roofing scam on Concord Road today.

The resident reported that a construction crew approached him offering to conduct roof repairs.

After providing an initial estimate, the crew significantly increased the proposed cost, raising suspicions.

Police intervened before any transaction occurred.

Lincoln authorities are reminding the community about a town bylaw requiring for-profit solicitors to obtain a permit from the police department.

This process includes a thorough background check, which the dubious crew in question would not have passed.

Police have notified surrounding towns to be on the lookout for these predatory construction crews targeting vulnerable residents, ensuring regional awareness and protection from potential scams.

Residents are urged to remain vigilant and report any suspicious solicitation activity to local law enforcement.

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