Newport man sentenced to 4-15 years in prison

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NEWPORT — In a recent court proceeding, Newport resident Christopher Lakin, 35, was sentenced to four to 15 years in prison after pleading guilty to two felony charges of first-degree aggravated domestic assault.

The sentencing follows a plea agreement that led to the dismissal of an attempted second-degree murder charge and another aggravated assault charge against Lakin, who was recognized as a habitual offender due to prior burglary convictions in 2005 and 2011.

The case, which involved a violent domestic assault in West Charleston, was brought to light when the victim and a friend reported the incident to Vermont State Police. According to Trooper Nathan Handy’s affidavit, the assault occurred back in 2021, following an argument between Lakin and the victim.

Lakin was accused of physically assaulting the woman, including choking her until she lost consciousness and causing injuries that resulted in a swollen cheek and a broken jaw.

The victim, who initially lied about her injuries at North Country Hospital, claiming they were due to an ATV accident, later sought treatment at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center for a concussion. The severity of her injuries and the subsequent realization of the threat to her safety led her to report Lakin to the authorities.

In addition to the reported assault, Lakin was also accused of head-butting the woman on a separate occasion and threatening to burn down her house.

Lakin, denying the accusations, claimed he left the victim’s house to avoid further conflict, alleging that she was attacking him. Despite his claims, the evidence and his plea led to the current sentence.

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