Norwood families displaced by Thanksgiving fire, community steps up to help

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NORWOOD — Three families were left without homes after a blaze tore through a multi-family residence on Saint Joseph Avenue on Thanksgiving night, prompting a swift response from local emergency services and a heartwarming community effort to provide aid.

Norwood Police Officer Ciavattone was the first on the scene and managed to evacuate two residents and their pet from the third floor, where the fire was intensifying.

Norwood Fire Department worked diligently to bring the fire under control, but the resulting damage has forced the families to seek alternative housing.

The Norwood community has quickly come together to support the displaced families, with many stepping up to offer assistance.

However, one family is still in search of a three-bedroom temporary residence.

School Resource Officer Baguma is coordinating efforts to help these families and is urging anyone with the means to provide housing to contact him at [email protected].

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