Littleton police seek help identifying individuals in photos

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LITTLETON — The Littleton Police Department is requesting the public’s assistance in identifying the individual shown in recently released photographs.

In an effort to gather information, the department has urged anyone who recognizes themselves or others in the images to refrain from commenting publicly.

Instead, they ask that tips be provided discreetly by sending a private message or by calling the police department directly at 603-444-7711 ext. 2 during business hours.

The images have been circulated solely for the purpose of identification.

Authorities have clarified that the presence of these photos in their request should not be interpreted as an indication of the person being involved in a criminal investigation, nor does it presume guilt or innocence.

The Littleton Police Department has emphasized the importance of privacy and responsible sharing of information in cases like this.

They appreciate the community’s cooperation and any help they can provide in resolving the matter at hand.

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