Sharon high school student found with ‘hit list’

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SHARON — A Sharon High School student was found in possession of a “hit list” today, leading to swift action by school officials and local police to prevent any potential harm.

The concerning discovery was promptly reported to the Sharon Police Department by school administrators and staff after being alerted by students and parents.

This quick communication allowed authorities to intervene effectively.

Due to the student’s juvenile status, the police have released only limited details.

However, they assured the community that the student is now safe and poses no further risk to individuals named on the list or others.

All persons mentioned on the list have been notified of the situation.

Police Chief Stephen Coffey praised the cooperation among parents, the school, and law enforcement.

“Open communication between parents, the schools, and the police, is fundamental to keeping Sharon a safe place to live,” Coffey said.

He also acknowledged the efforts of Sharon Police School Resource Officer John Marsinelli for working alongside the school administration to ensure everyone’s safety.

As the incident is still under active investigation, the Sharon Police Department will not be releasing additional information over the weekend.

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