Salem police seek identity of suspect in attempted bank fraud

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SALEM — Salem Police Department has turned to the community for assistance in identifying a suspect who attempted to commit bank fraud using a fraudulent ID.

The department reported that the quick-thinking bank employees were able to thwart the fraud attempt before any money could be stolen.

The suspect, who the police jokingly suggested might be making a fashion statement resembling a chef’s uniform, was likened to a character from the animated film “Ratatouille” as well as a “Gordon Ramsey Sr.” figure in the playful online bulletin.

Despite the light-hearted tone, the Salem PD emphasized that impersonation and attempted theft are serious offenses.

Detective Czarnec is leading the investigation and urges anyone with information about the suspect’s identity or details about the incident to reach out.

The department has provided an email address, [email protected], and a phone number, 603-890-2313, for tips from the public.

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