Newport police chase in 2018 leads to jail sentence for Coventry man

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NEWPORT — A series of incidents involving Scott E. Amidon, 49, of Coventry, led to multiple charges and a subsequent jail sentence, as detailed in affidavits by Newport City Police Sergeant Nicholas Rivers.

On August 26, 2018, Sergeant Rivers observed Amidon driving a white Cadillac. A DMV check revealed Amidon’s license had been suspended due to 26 violations since 2006. Amidon evaded police pursuit, reaching speeds of 90 mph before abandoning his vehicle at his residence. He then fled the scene on foot.

In a separate incident on June 23, 2022, Sergeant Rivers stopped a silver SUV with a falsified inspection sticker. The driver, initially identifying as Norman Amidon, was later confirmed to be Scott Amidon, bearing a neck tattoo not seen in previous DMV records. Amidon faced multiple warrants for his arrest.

Amidon was charged with negligent driving while eluding law enforcement and driving with a suspended license for the 2018 incident. In the 2022 case, he faced charges for driving with a suspended license and providing false information to implicate another.

A plea agreement led to the dismissal of one charge, with Amidon pleading guilty to the remaining charges. Amidon will serve 180 days in jail, consecutive to an ongoing sentence.

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