Contractor uncovers a dozen cannonballs at Waltham construction site

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WALTHAM — A contractor unearthed an unexpected piece of history late yesterday morning when several cannonballs were discovered during excavation at a commercial construction site.

The discovery, made at 41 Foundry Ave., prompted a swift response from the Waltham Police and Fire Departments, joined by the Massachusetts State Police Bomb Squad, the Hazardous Materials Emergency Response Team from the Massachusetts Department of Fire Services, and an agent from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

Officials on scene worked carefully to assess the situation.

With help from a heavy equipment operator, a total of 12 cannonballs of various sizes were uncovered, alongside a more contemporary projectile.

Ensuring the safety of the surrounding area, local law enforcement and firefighters assisted in relocating the ordinance to a secure location.

The Massachusetts State Police Bomb Squad successfully countercharged the cannonballs, neutralizing any potential threat.

The items are now safe and await further disposal procedures.

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