Berkley detective saves life with quick response to overdose

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BERKLEY — A routine call turned life-saving for Detective Dan Meadows as his rapid response and decisive actions rescued an individual from a potentially fatal overdose on Nov. 26.

Responding to an emergency call, Meadows arrived at the scene to find an unresponsive person seated in the front seat of their pickup truck.

With no time to lose, he retrieved his medical kit and Narcan, an emergency medication designed to reverse opioid overdoses.

Meadows checked for vital signs and found a faint pulse.

After administering the first dose of Narcan, he noticed the individual’s pulse had vanished.

At that critical juncture, the Berkley Fire Department arrived to lend crucial support.

The detective, demonstrating exceptional skill and composure, immediately administered a second dose of Narcan.

Meanwhile, firefighters provided the individual with oxygen.

Their combined efforts were successful, as the subject regained consciousness and was later transported to the hospital for further care.

The Berkley Police Department extended its highest commendations to Detective Meadows and the Berkley Fire Department for their exemplary performance and dedication to public service.

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