Vacancies in Derby Line leadership as Sanville steps down

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DERBY LINE — The Village of Derby Line is seeking new leadership after Laurie Sanville resigned from her triple role as the village clerk, treasurer, and delinquent tax collector, as announced in a trustees’ meeting on Tuesday.

Sanville, who has moved from Derby to Holland, found herself in contravention of the village charter, which mandates residency in Derby for these positions. This led to her resignation, which she confirmed on Wednesday.

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In response to this sudden vacancy, the village has put out a call for candidates to fill these positions. The desired qualifications include proficiency in general accounting, basic accounting tasks, and public relations. Candidates must submit their applications by December 18.

Madeline Roy has been appointed on an interim basis by the village trustees. The permanent successors, whether elected or appointed, will be expected to contest for their positions in the elections scheduled for April 2024.

For further details on the application process and role requirements, prospective applicants are encouraged to visit the Village’s Facebook page.

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