Haverhill police seek to identify persons in images, urge confidentiality

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HAVERHILL — The Haverhill Police Department is requesting the public’s assistance in identifying the individuals or the owner of the vehicle shown in recently released pictures.

In an effort to maintain privacy and prevent any undue accusations, the department has instructed anyone who recognizes themselves or knows the individuals to avoid commenting publicly.

Instead, they are encouraged to send a private message or to contact the police directly by calling 603-787-2222 during business hours.

The images shared by the police are strictly for informational purposes and are part of an attempt to identify the persons pictured.

The department emphasized that the individuals in the images may not necessarily be involved in a criminal investigation.

The nature of the inquiry and why the identification is sought have not been disclosed.

The Haverhill Police Department has taken to social media to disseminate the images, hoping that community members will come forward with information.

They reiterate the importance of handling this matter discreetly to ensure that the investigation proceeds without any complications or public interference.

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