Williamsburg police investigate ATM skimming device at Cumberland Farms

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WILLIAMSBURG — Officer Fisher was dispatched to the local Cumberland Farms today after receiving a report of a suspected skimming device installed on the ATM machine inside the store.

According to the Williamsburg Police Department, the device was designed to illicitly capture card and PIN information from individuals using the ATM.

The incident is currently under thorough investigation by authorities.

As a precaution, the police are urging anyone who has used the Cumberland Farms ATM in recent days to contact their financial institution immediately to alert them of the potential security breach.

Customers are also advised to keep a close watch on their bank accounts for any unauthorized activity.

The Williamsburg Police Department has requested that people who discover any discrepancies in their account statements, which could be attributed to the compromised ATM, to report the matter to them as soon as possible.

Furthermore, the police are seeking assistance from the public.

They are appealing to anyone who might have seen something unusual or suspicious around the ATM machine to come forward with information.

Witnesses or those with relevant information can reach out directly to the Williamsburg Police Department.

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